Powerful ongoing care, monitoring and maintenance

The RMM software provided with the PC Crew Home User Care Plan provides a whole host of features that scan, monitor and maintain your computer on an ongoing basis.  Heres an outline of what it does:

Actively manage the Anti virus, ensure its installed and fully up to date.

Provides easily accessible remote support.

Provides ongoing support functions as outlined below:

At Setup
Turns off hibernation ( a known bug with windows 10)
Checks and installs Anti-virus
Records Windows licence key data
Install necessary care plan clean up tools such as CCleaner, RKill Malware etc
Disables suggested apps
Removes Bloatware

Weekly Maintenance
Internet cache and temp folder deletion
Internet Speed Test record
Clear Print Spool
Return network to private
Assigned maintenance tasks
Remove suggested apps

Monthly Maintenance
Ccleaner full cleanup (temp files, registry, update data)
Chkdisk scan and repair
Disk Defrag
Create system restore point

Quarterly Maintenance
Scan and fix filesystem

Update Management (we manage when updates are deployed)
Daily –
Security and definitions
Monthly –
all other
Feature –
Major updates are disabled and only deployed when known good

Application management
We scan for major known apps such as flash, dropbox, adobe reader etc and update when updates are available

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